Message for Mind the Brain readers from PLOSBLOGS

[Note: Contrary to this post below uploaded by Victoria Costello on behalf of PLOS management, the  abrupt termination of the relationship between Mind  the Brain was not mutually agreed upon. Rather, it was unilaterally imposed by PLOSBLOGS in response to requests by myself and others for restriction on what I could discuss be lifted. 

Since December 2015, there was a ban imposed on my blogging about my request to PLOS One for data from the PACE trial promised to be available as a condition for publishing in PLOS One. I could never get PLOSBLOGS to announce this ban pubicly nor even to provide me with specifics.

In December 2015 my access to the blog was abruptly, but briefly cut and I could not moderate because of the perception that I had violated the terms of a ban that had never been spelled out to me.

One unfortunate aspect of the more recent  action by PLOSBLOGS was that I again could no longer moderate any comments that were being submitted by readers and so they went into limbo. Subsequently PLOSBLOGS attached statements to each blog post that comments were closed. When the transfer is complete, comments will be reopened.

The transfer of Mind the Brain from PLOSBLOGS to is in process. Stay tuned for renewed postings without the threat of censureship from PLOSBLOGS out of deference to the PACE investigators. The new blog will give further information about the circumstances of ths change.]

After five years and over a hundred posts, PLOSBLOGS is retiring its psychology blog, Mind the Brain, from our PLOS-hosted blog network. By mutual agreement with the primary Mind the Brain blogger, James Coyne, Professor Coyne will retain the name of this blog and will take his archive of posts for reuse on his independent website,

According to PLOSBLOGS’ policy for all our retired (inactive) blogs, any and all original posts published on Mind the Brain will retain their PLOS web addresses as intact urls, so links made previously from other sites will not be broken. In addition, PLOS will supply the archive of his posts directly to Prof Coyne so that he may repost them anywhere he may wish.

PLOS honors James Coyne’s voice as an important one in peer-to-peer scientific criticism. As discussed with Professor Coyne in recent days, after careful consideration PLOSBLOGS has concluded that it does not have the staff resources required to vet the sources, claims and tone contained in his posts, to assure they are aligned with our PLOSBLOGS Community Guidelines. This has lead us to the conclusion that Professor Coyne and his content would be better served on his own independent blog platform. We wish James Coyne the best with his future blogging.

                                   —Victoria Costello, Senior Editor, PLOSBLOGS & Communities 



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